Monday, August 15, 2016

Chaos and difficulty is our bread and butter

Developers complain about the fact that there’re plenty of standards in some areas, dependency hell in NodeJS, and in other areas there’re no standards at all, for example, in C++ there’s still no naming convention and package manager, thus in C++ everyone is free to adopt naming convention they desire. Thus all that makes software development a drudgery, nasty, unpleasant, boring.

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As for me, I'm positive that this chaos is an awfully good thing. Imagine that everything in software development was easy and smooth, there was only one way to achieve what you wanted to and there were no bugs. That would make software development extremely easy and available for everyone. Everyone would be able to build software applications by clicking a few buttons in a wizard in the blink of an eye with neither thinking nor special knowledge. 

Then the question would arise: what would you as a software developer do? Who would need your skills? How would you make a living? Who would be willing to pay you to solve some kind of a problem they have if there would almost be no problems with creating software? Even if there was one, if could be fixed by a person having that problem themselves. We as software developers have jobs and are able to earn money only because we have skills and knowledge that other people don’t have and those people need us to solve their problems.

The more chaos and difficulty there is, the better off you are as a software developer.

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