Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Upwork sucks

Have you known that at Upwork if your customer doesn't bother to leave you a feedback, your job success goes down? If you have a number of jobs without a feedback, that affects your job success even more badly.

Have you known that if your customer doesn't bother to end a contract and instead pauses it or a contract is paused by Upwork and remains paused for a couple of months or so, your job success goes down as well?

Have you known that if your former Elance customers haven't ended the contracts at when you had worked for them there and thus the contracts have been paused and automatically moved to Upwork, your job success goes down because currently there’s a bug at Upwork which doesn't let you to end those contracts? They’re not visible in your private “My jobs” section, but they are in your public profile and are shown as "in progress".

Have you known that if your customer doesn't ask you directly to refund them some money and instead opens a dispute, your job success goes down? No matter what the reason is, no matter who is guilty. For example, a job can’t be completed because a customer’s server has broken down. You might well be willing to return some money if your customer asks you to do so. But because the customer doesn't ask you for whatever reason and instead opens a dispute, your job success goes down.

Have you known that even an hourly paid contact doesn't guarantee that you'll get your money, although Upwork claims it does? If your customer opens a dispute, your money will be returned to your customer.

How sane are Upwork's programmers and management? Why is a newbie freelancer with 10 hours and a single job so far considered to be a top freelancer by Upwork's standards, whereas the one with thousands of hours and tens of jobs has a poor job success rate even though the majority of the jobs they've had thus far, have been successful with the rate 5* or close to it including the most recent ones?

Why does a freelancer have to be responsible not only for themselves but also for their customers?

update February 3rd 2017:

Instead of just working, a freelancer now has to be threatened out of fear being banned.  Namely, if after 30 bids they don't get hired, they get banned permanently.  And there's  even  an uncertainty about these 30 bids, whether it's really 30 or are there other factors that play as well.