Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Too much technology will have eventually spoilt us.

Hundreds of years back humans were dependent on physical health. Nowadays it no longer matters that much due to technology. And this trend continues. We still take value out of our memory, smartness, creativity, appearance and different kinds of skills. For example, you’re skillful in communication. I envision that sooner or later we’ll have some kind of a flash-stick which you plug in into your head and upload the information you need to learn a certain skill. And Bob’s your uncle – in a few minutes you’re able to communicate as affectively as a person who has been working hard to improve their communication skills for years.

A robot in a mobile-phones shop in Taiwan

Or you’ll be to lie on a sofa all day long eating junk food and watching TV and by the end of the day you eat a crazy pill which maintains your muscles big and strong. Be you lazy, with no will power whatsoever and low IQ – technology will help you keep up with everyone else.

How much valuable will our skills be then? When something is widely available, it looses its value.

Will it be fair that a week can easily become a strong in favour of technology? I figure not, it won’t be fair. Look at animals, in particular dogs, monkeys, cats and so on. They don’t work out because they’re born with the developed muscles already. Whereas a man has to work out all their life, he always must challenge their brain and muscles, otherwise his brain and muscles begin to stagnate. That is, human is deliberately born weak to work out during all his life to become stronger or to maintain his physical and mental strengths. Using too much technological stuff might well make it go in a wrong way by making a man dependable on it and discouraging from taking effort of any kind to achieve something.

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